Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Show Highlights, Tuesday, Oct.16th, 2007

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Bryan Kemper (President of “Stand True Ministries”)
They discussed Tuesday, October 23rd being the fourth annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity.

Then, Bob spoke with U.S. Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (Mi) He is a life long Southeast Michigan resident. He was in Nov. 2006 elected to serve as chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee. They discussed the trade with China and the SCHIP bill, which is the “State Children’s Health Insurance Program”.

Then, Bob spoke with Councilman Phil O’Dwyer for the city of Berkley. They discussed the Nativity dispute. The voting will take place on Nov. 6th.

Bob Dutko Show
Bob spoke with Professor Charles FarHadian. He is the associate professor of religious studies at Westmont, College, Santa Barbara, California. He edited the book “Christian Worship Worldwide”. The book is different scholars addressing all different types of worship from all around the world.

Then, Bob spoke with Deborah Norville. She is the Anchor of ‘Inside Edition” the nation’s longest running and top rated syndicated news magazine.
Her book: Thank You Power: making the science of gratitude work for you, shows how being thankful can change your life.

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