Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Show Highlights, Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Bill Johnson (President of “American Decency Association”)
They discussed the fight against pornography and indecency looking up for 2008.

Then, Bob spoke with Tony Perkins (President of the “Family Research Council”)
They discussed the moderate Democrats and Republicans wanting a government of national unity.

Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Dr. Lyle Rossiter. He is a board certified forensic psychiatrist. He served for two years in the U.S. Army as a psychiatrist.
His book: The Liberal Mind: the psychological causes of political madness, explains why he believes liberals suffer from a psychological disorder.

Then, Bob spoke with Dr. Grady McMurtry. He is the President of Creation Worldview Ministries.
He took science/creation/Evolution questions from the listeners.

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