Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Show Highlights, Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Dale Buss .Local Journalist and writer who writes regularly about matters of faith, culture, politics, and business for publications as The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.
They discussed the results of the Michigan primaries.

Then, Bob spoke with Matt Barber (Policy Director for cultural issues with “Concerned Women for America”)
They discussed the possible epidemic of a staph infection spreading among gay men.

Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Warren Smith. A free lance writer & community social worker who was formally involved in the New Age movement.
His book: The Light That Was Dark: from the New Age to Amazing Grace, shares his journey from being a New Ager to becoming a Christian.

Then, Bob spoke with Kathy Pride. She is a writer, speaker and parent educator. She is Founder and Director of “Tapestry Ministry”.
Her book helps parents that are struggling with teens that are on drugs. She herself has a son that at the age of 17 was smoking pot. She shares the transformation of her own life from going through this experience.

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