Monday, May 24, 2010

Show Highlights, Monday, May 24th, 2010

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Rabbi Loren Jacobs. He is Pastor of Congregation Shema Y Israel, in Bloomfield Hills. They discussed the Founder of Jews for Jesus passing.

Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Pastor Philip Ryken. He is Senior Pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. He has written or edited more than 20 books. His book: Discovering God in the Stories from the Bible, shows through the Bible stories the character of God.

Topic: A cartoonist’s call to action against censorship, had an “Everybody draw Mohammed Day” on Facebook. Bob took calls asking if this was necessary? Was it antagonistic?

Then, Bob spoke with Pastor Mike Sares. He is Pastor of Scum of the Earth Church. His book: Pure Scum shows how we can minister to those that feel like outcasts.

Topic: In the news scientist Craig Venter has made a synthetic cell from scratch. Bob took calls asking if this in deed is artificial life? Is he playing God? Can he actually create life?

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