Monday, June 14, 2010

Show Highlights, Monday, Jjune 14th, 2010

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Jeff Field. He is Director of Communications for The Catholic league.
They discussed the Empire State Building, America’s most famous building, will not honor Mother Theresa, as it has others.

Then, Bob spoke with Christopher Doyle. He is on Board of Directors for Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex Gays(PFOX). They discussed how PFOX has been rejected again by the Parent Teacher Association. (PTA).

Bob Dutko Show
Today, bob spoke with Dr. Ben Wiker. He is Sr. Fellow at the Discovery Institute. His latest book: 10 Books Every Conservative Must Read, helps Americans understand socialism threatens not only our country’s economy, but it character.

Topic: With the economy not doing so well, more folks are considering cremation because of the low cost. Bob took calls asking as Christians, what were their thoughts of cremation.

Then, Bob spoke with Dr. Palmer Chinchen. He is a Pastor of The Grove Church in Arizona. His book: True Religion, challenges us Christians to really look at our relationship with Christ.

Topic: Abby Sunderland was rescued this past weekend. She was attempting to sail around the world. She says she will try again. Bob took calls asking what their thoughts were of this teens parents. Are they being reckless for allowing their daughter to attempt this?

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