Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Show Highlights, Tuesday, Aug.10th, 2010

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Randy Sharp. He is Director of Special Projects of American Family Association. www.afa.net
They discussed Christian employee of Home Depot , Trevor Keezer being fired for wearing a button on his smock that was supporting his brother in the armed forces, but gays can wear bottons that support gay rights. So AFA is calling for a nation wide boycott of Home Depot.

Then, Bob spoke with Fred Lucas, who is a White House Correspondent for cnsnews.com
They discussed Obama having the U.S. in the ditch economically. He also gave analyses on Obama’s recent speech at a Texas University where he said ”Democrats will take us forward, and Republicans will take us in reverse.

Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Alon Kossonnogi. He is grandson of an Israeli Politician. He is Executive Producer of a new documentary called “Jesus Boat Revealed”. A boat was dug up out of the Sea of Galilee in January, 1986. They believe this to e a 2000 year old boat. www.jesusboatmuseum.com

Topic: A church is protesting a strip club near them, and the strippers are now going in front of the church on Sunday mornings half dressed protesting the church. Bob took calls asking if this is a good way for church to reach strippers.

Then, Bob had in studio Michael Mattia, who is the coordinator of an evangelistic team that goes out during the Woodward Dream Cruise and shows graphic pics of aborted babies. Is this a good way to stop abortion???

Topic: Well known Christopher Hitchen’s is suffering from Cancer. Bob took calls asking how listeners feel about this. Because he still will not give much thought to the existence of God. Most people felt sad.

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