Monday, September 13, 2010

Show Highlights, Monday, Sept.13th, 2010

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Pete Winn. He is Editor with
They discussed those that are most intolerant (Muslims) are speaking out against Quran burning. Kind of hypocritical.

Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Dr. Charles Kraft. He is Professor of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication at Fuller Theological Seminary’s school of World Mission. His book: Deep Wounds, Deep Healing, explains a certain technique used to help people heal.

Topic: The design of the Flight 93 Memorial resembles that of an Islamic Symbol.
Bob took calls asking if this Islamic Crescent symbol should be scrapped and done over?
Should we be offended?

Then, Bob spoke with Jim Burns. He is President of Home Word Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University. His book: 10 Building Blocks for a Solid Family, offers the tools to have a solid Christian family.

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