Thursday, October 21, 2010

Show Highlights, Thursday, Oct.21st,2010

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Julia Seymore. She is Assistant Editor at the “Business and Media Institute”. They discussed how biased the media is on revealing Obama and his co-called tax cuts. They don’t report on all the tax increases that are headed our way come January 1, 2011. Happy New Year, I’m taking the rest of your pay check.

Then, Bob spoke with Pete Winn. He is Editor with They discussed Pres. Obama canceling his visit to India b/c of the head covering he would have to wear. He doesn’t want people to think he is Muslim. Ha-ha…

Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Marilyn Randall. She is a children’s book author. To view some of her children’s books, go to
They discussed whether Face Book is raising our children to be anti-social.

Topic: Kim Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor is pushing for a law that calls for jail time for parents who skip parent teacher conferences. Bob took calls asking if this was a good idea and whether it would work in getting Detroit parents more involved in their children’s education.

Then, Bob spoke with Philip Yancey. He is a journalist and author of several books, including “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” and “Where is God When it Hurts” and many more. His latest “What Good is God? Explains the good in God even when life isn’t going the way we want it.

Topic: NRP News has terminated the contract of long time news analyst Juan Williams after his remarks on the Fox News Channel about Muslims. He just stated that when flying if there are Muslims on the flight he becomes a little nervous. Bob took calls asking what listeners thought. Most listeners thought it was ridiculous to fire him.

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