Thursday, January 27, 2011

SHow Highlights, Thursday, Jan. 27th, 2011

Bob Dutko News Hour
Filling in for Bob today is Rabbi Glenn Harris and Rabbi Loren Jacobs.
They spoke with Peter Schiff. He is CEO and Chief Global Strategist for Euro Pacific Capitol. They discussed the state of our economy.

Then, they spoke with Matt Cover. He is a Staff Writer for They discussed social security not taking in enough money, to what’s going out. They discussed the growing deficit it will have this year.

Bob Dutko Show
Today, Rabbi Glenn Harris and Rabbi Loren Jacobs filled in for Bob.
They spoke with Dr. Grant Jeffrey. He is a well know Bible prophecy teacher and author of many books. His latest: Global Warming Deception documents the campaign of political pressure, flawed science and wrong data collected for this issue.

Then, the Rabbi’s discussed the Millennium and what the Bible says about it.

Then, the Rabbi’s spoke with best selling author Brigitte Gabriel. She is author of Because They Hate and They Must Be Stopped. The Rabbi’s discussed why Christians should stand by Israel, and Jews and Arabs coming together.

The Rabbi’s gave their five favorite proverbs and the five things they most like about God.

Open line topic:
Rabbi Glenn and Rabbi Loren took listener calls.

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