Thursday, June 2, 2011

Show Highlights, Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

The Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Peter LaBarbera. He is President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.
They discussed President Obama making June “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender month”

Then, Bob spoke with Cheryl Sullenger. She is Senior Policy Adviser for Operation Rescue.
She actually shared some good news. Back in October a teen was being forced by family to get an abortion at a Planned Parenthood Clinic. A relative that didn’t want her to get abortion gave her cell phone number to one of the side walk pro lifer counselors. The counselor text the teen and sent her a pic of a 6 week old baby in the womb. The teen was 6 weeks pregnant. The teen was brave enough to walk out and not get abortion. She gave birth to a baby boy on May 10th.

The Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Dr. Felicity Dale. She is a church planter along with her husband Tony. Her book: Small is Big: unleashing the big impact of intentionally small churches. Publisher: Barna books, a division of Tyndale.

Open line topic:
Bob took calls asking listeners who they liked as a presidential candidate and why.

Then, Bob spoke with Dr. David Lamb. He is an Associate Professor of Old Testament at Biblical Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. His book: God Behaving Badly: is the God of the Old Testament angry, sexist, racist. Publisher: IVP Books.

Open line topic:
Bob took listener calls asking them what they struggled with. What did they take issue with about God?

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