Thursday, October 10, 2013

Show Highlights, Thursday, Oct. 10th, 2013

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

CNN’s amazing bias in reporting yet more Republican compromise.

Jesse Jackson” Tea Party Republicans “the resurrection of the Confederacy”.

Actor James Woods: “I don’t expect to work again” in Hollywood because of tweets critical of Obama.

U.S. Adds over 2 times more debt in last 2 years than entire economic dollars generated.

New Poll shows Congress with lower approval ratings than Witches, Hemorrhoids, Toenail fungus, cockroaches, zombies and dog poop.

Yahoo News political reporter tweets picture of Michele Bachmann bending over with a sexual reference.

Report: CNN plans to drop Piers Morgan.

News Hour Guest Interview: Kathrine Rosario, with Heritage Action For America to discuss why Republicans are still being blamed for the government shutdown.

Rest of the Show…..

Guest Interview: Sandra Teplinsky, Messianic Jew and author of “Why Still Care About Israel?”

Other stories discussed……

Study: Anti-bullying campaigns produce MORE bullying in schools.

New York Middle School recess ban includes footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, tag and cartwheels.

Ohio school district pays $95,000 fine to keep Jesus portrait since 1947 on wall.

UK Boy Scouts Pledge removes “duty to God” after 106 years.

Muslim nations introduce gay detection “medical tests” on travelers to keep homosexuals out of countries.

Guest Interview: Dr. John Fea, Professor of American History and author of “Why Study History?”

Open Line Topic: A discussion on the 28 year sentence handed down today on former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and whether that sentence is too light, too heavy or about right.

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