Friday, April 11, 2014

Show Highlights, Friday, April 11th, 2014

Bob Dutko Show Notes/Links – Friday 04 – 11 – 14

Noon-4:00 PM
First Hour – News/Politics
Kathleen Sebelius resigning after disastrous Obamacare roll out.
Networks ignore House referring IRS’s Lois Lerner for criminal charges.
E-mails show IRS gave confidential information of conservative group to Congressional Democrats.
Woman throws shoe at Hillary Clinton during speech.
CNN announces new prime time line up.
China cracking down on “excessive” Christianity.
“Jesus” banned from school in Pennsylvania town of “Nazareth”.
Newshour Guest Interview: Bryan Fischer with American Family Association to discuss the pro-gay “Day of Silence”.
Rest of The Bob Dutko Show…..
Guest Interview: Pastor Thaadeus Barnum, author of “Real Identity: Where Bible and Life Meet”.
Guest Interview: F.H. Buckley, author of “The Once and Future King: The Rise of Crown Government in America”.
Movie Reviews: Rod Gustafson for a review of weekend movies from a family friendly, Christian friendly perspective.
Other Issues Discussed….
Ayaan Hirsi Ali statement about Brandeis University revoking her honorary degree.
David Letterman examples of conservative hatred.
Colbert called Sarah Palin “a f***ing retard”.
Facebook Friday: Reading on air a selection of listener comments on various issues and topics from the week.
Free for All Friday

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