Friday, February 12, 2016

Show Highlights, Friday, Feb 12th, 2016

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Friday 02 – 12 – 16

Noon – 4:00 PM
First Hour – News & Politics
During Democrat debate, moderators refuse to ask candidates about extreme abortion positions or Hillary about any of her scandals.
During debate, Hillary refuses to disagree with Madeline Albright’s claim that non-Hillary women voters have a “special place in Hell”.
NARAL, of all people, are demanding Hillary and Bernie be asked about abortion during debates.
Iran releases video of captured U.S. Sailor crying……after John Kerry “thanked” Iran for how they handled the capture.
Rest of the Show…….
Guest Interview: Jimmy Turner, author of “Faith Acts: A Productive Call to Live What You Believe”.
Guest Interview: Dr. Greg Jantz, author of “Don’t Call it Love: Breaking the Cycle of Relationship Dependency”.
Movie Reviews: Rod Gufstafson of to discuss what’s happening in the movies this weekend from a family friendly, Christian friendly perspective.
Free For All Friday

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