Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Show Highlights, Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Wednesday 05 – 25 – 16

Noon-4:00 PM
First Hour – News/Politics
Democrat Virginia Governor’s FBI and Justice Department investigation could possibly affect Hillary’s chance of winning this Fall.
Bill Cosby to stand trial for sexual assault.
Former McDonald’s CEO warns that demands for higher minimum wage will cause the fast food industry to replace many workers with robots.
Minimum wage increases cause Wendy’s to start installing self service kiosks to replace cashiers.
(Sigh) Now scientists are saying life “evolved” on Earth from a massive solar flare 4 billion years ago.
News Hour Guest Interview: Dr. Charles Dunn, Professor of Government at Clemson University to discuss why he thinks John Kasich would be the strategically wisest V.P. Choice for Donald Trump.
Rest of the Bob Dutko Show…..
Guest Interview: Brian “Head” Welch, founder of the Grammy winning Heavy Metal band Korn to discuss his leaving the band in 2005 after accepting Christ, his just re-joining the band now as a Christian and his book “With My Eyes Wide Open”.
Other Issues Discussed…..
Current 10 ½ year stretch of no major hurricane hitting U.S. is the longest in the history of record keeping from 1860.
I examined how Christians are never “offended” by anyone bringing up anything about the life and actions of Jesus, while Muslims, Mormons, Scientologists, Moonies and pretty much any non-Christian “religious” people DO have things that are parts of the life and teachings of their “prophets” that offend them if you bring it up…..even if they are true historical facts.
Guest Interview: Pastor Brian Haynes, author of “Relentless Parenting: The Crucial Pursuit of Your Teen’s Heart”.
Other Issues Discussed……
(Sigh) Now scientists are saying life “evolved” on Earth from a massive solar flare 4 billion years ago.
I explained what the “Faint Young Sun Paradox” is and how Young Earth Ph.D Astrophysicists say this proves a recently created Sun and Earth that can’t be billions of years old. I used as a resource for this a paper written by Young Earth Creation Scientist Dr. Danny Faulkner, a Ph.D. Astrophysicist with degrees in Astronomy and Physics, 26 year Professor of Astrophysics and published in 100+ peer reviewed physics and Astronomy journals.

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