Thursday, June 9, 2016

Show Highlights, Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 06 – 09 – 16

Noon-4:00 PM
First Hour – News/Politics
Huffington Post writer defends anti-Trump violence as “logical”.
Mitch McConnell blames talk radio for “unrealistic expectations” on Congress.
Comparing media scrutiny if Sarah Palin’s 2008 wardrobe expense versus Hillary’s today.
Katie Couric accused of deceptive editing in yet another documentary.
News Hour Guest Interview: General Jerry Boykin (Ret) to discuss him being dis-invited to speak at a Fort Riley Military Base Prayer Breakfast because of his faith in Christ.
Rest of the Bob Dutko Show…..
Guest Interview: Appeals Court Judge J. William Howerton (Ret) to discuss his book “Understanding God’s Contracts With Mankind: Your Path to Understanding Christianity”.
Other Issues Discussed…..
Guest Interview: Dr. Chris Armsrong, author of “Medievil Wisdom for Modern Christians” to discuss what Christianity was like during Medieval times.
Open Line Topic: We discussed the 2012 repeal of Michigan’s motorcycle helmet law and whether it’s right for the State to force people to wear helmets.

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