Thursday, February 25, 2010

Show Highlights, Thursday, Feb.25th, 2010

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Mat Staver. President of “Liberty Counsel”.
They discussed the ACLU trying to stop staff members in a Florida school from praying.

Then, Bob spoke with Kyle Olson. He is VP of “Education Action Group Foundation”.
His articles have appeared in the Det. News, and he has appeared on Fox News and Glenn Beck. They discussed ACORN adding new corporate identities.

Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Linda Evans Shepherd. She is president of “Right to the Heart Ministries”.
Her book: When You Don’t Know What to Pray: how to talk to God about anything, offers Christians going through a bad time some suggestions on how to reconnect with God.

Topic: Bob asked listeners if there is any time when we as Christians should go against the “law of the land?”

Then, Bob spoke with Dr. Jeremy Howard. He is Managing Acquisitions Editor of Bibles, Books, and Commentaries for B & H Publishing Group.
The latest Bible, Apologetic’s Study Bible for Students, has many features for teens. Helps them with tough questions about life and struggles they face. It has many facts and personal features to help in the studying process.

Topic: 30 years ago when Bob was dating his now wife, Jeanne. They worked together at a restaurant. Kinda of a joke there, the guys took turns dumping at different times each other in a dirty, greasy dumpster out back of restaurant. Well, the guys dared Bob to dump Jeannine. So Bob took the challenge on, but took the time to put carpet in dumpster and carried Jeannine so gingerly and just set her on side with her feet in. She didn’t appreciate his humor here, and 30 years later she still disagrees with Bob that he should’nt have done that. Bob took calls asking listeners what they thought. I personally said that I thought it was funny and kinda romantic, and it was cute that he carried her and was so gentle. Well, most listeners didn’t agree with me on that. 

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