Thursday, March 18, 2010

Show Highlights, Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Bob Dutko News Hour
Rabbi Glenn Harris filled in for Bob today. Rabbi Glenn is from Congregation Shema Y Israel, in Bloomfield Hills. Today, Rabbi Glenn, spoke with James Valvo. He is Government Affairs Manager with “Americans for Prosperity”.
They discussed Pres. Obama bypassing congress to get what he wants.

Then, Rabbi Glenn spoke with Dr. Jerry Newcombe. He is Host and Senior Producer of “The Coral Ridge Hour” . Coral Ridge Ministries is a Christian media outreach founded by the late D. James Kennedy.
They discussed how the reinstatement of the “fairness doctrine” will affect broadcasters.

Then, Rabbi Glenn spoke with Mike Connelly. He is Communications Director for “Club for Growth”.
They discussed whether it would be good for the GOP to regain the majority in Senate while under the Obama admin.

Bob Dutko Show
Rabbi Glenn Harris filled in for Bob today.

Today, Rabbi Glenn spoke with Kyle Olson. He is VP of “Education Action Group Foundation”.
The discussed the latest Democrats plan on healthcare reform.

Then, Rabbi Glenn spoke with Diane Levitan. She is a former teacher and is an artist and author. Her book: Portrait of a Gentile, shares her experiences with the Jewish community and how she found Yeshua in the Old Test.

Then, Rabbi Glenn had in studio three Detroit area Pastors, John Denson, Germando Jordan, and Ken Hampton. They discussed the condition of Detroit, and what it will take to repair it, and with so many churches in Det, how can the city be in such a spiritual mess.

Then, Rabbi spoke with Dr. David Reagan. He is Founder of “Lamb and Lion Ministries”. They discussed the ungodly nature of Replacement Theology.

Then, Rabbi spoke with Dr. Paul Copan. His book: Who Was Jesus?, is a dialogue between a Jewish New test scholar and a Christian Theologian.

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