Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Show Highlights, Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Bob Peters. He is President of Morality in Media. They discussed their hope that the Republican Senators will question Elana Kagan’s view on such things as porn, morality, and decency laws.

Then, Bob spoke with Randy Sharp. He is Director of Special Projects with American Family Association.
They discussed the Movie gallery chain that sold hard core porn in their back rooms is finally closing. They started out with 4,700 stores and are now down to 1,900 stores. But just announced they will be closing them. Randy Sharp said that consumers can take the large credit from boycotting the stores.

Bob Dutko Show
Bob Dutko spoke with Scott Goodwin of Goodwin and Scieska Law firm. This Saturday is their annual “Law Day”. There will be many attorneys offering FREE law advice. There will be giveaways. Free food and much more fun. Any questions call 1-888-goodwin.

Then, Bob spoke with Fil Anderson. He is Founder of Journey Resources. He is author of Running on Empty: contemplative spirituality for overachievers. His recent book: Breaking The Rules: trading performance for intimacy with God, shares how Christians that are burned out from ministry, can find rest. He shows how our expectations of ourselves are not the same as Gods. We don’t have to work so hard for the approval of God. We already have it. We should serve Him because we want to bless Him, not out of guilt.

Topic: A couple in Tokyo paid 68.000 dollars to have a robot perform their wedding ceremony. Bob took calls asking from a Christian perspective, what were their thoughts on this.

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