Thursday, December 2, 2010

Show Highlghts, Thursday, Dec.2nd, 2010

Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Juliana Taimoorazy. She is Founder and Executive Director of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council. They discussed the rally in Washington DC on Sat. Dec. 4th to challenge the Obama Admin to protect Christians in Iraq.

Bob Dutko Show

Today, Bob spoke with Dr. Gregory Jones. He is Vice President and Vice Provost for global strategy and programs at Duke University. His book: Forgiving As We’ve Been Forgiven, shows how as a community and church we can show forgiveness.

Then, Attorney’s Scott Goodwin and Jim Scieszka of Goodwin and Scieszka Law Firm took listener calls for any legal matters. If you need an attorney call 1-888-466-3946

Then, Bob spoke with Prof. Soong Chan Rah. He is Associate Professor of church growth and evangelism at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago. His book: Many Colors, examines the many cultures in the church today, and how can the many cultures be united.

Then, Bob spoke with Rabbi Loren Jacobs. He is Senior Pastor of Shema Yisrael. Last night at sun down was the beginning of Hanukkah. He explained the history of it.

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