Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Show Highlights, Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

The Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, bob spoke with Joanne Lara. She is Founder and Director of Autism Movement Therapy Inc.” They discussed how the latest study is showing that pregnant women taking anti-depressants may cause their baby to have Autism.

Then, Bob spoke with Terry Jeffrey. He is Editor-in-Chief for They discussed Obama threatening no S.S. checks will go out in Aug unless Republicans allow debt ceiling to be raised.

The Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Pastor Ted Cunningham. He is Pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Mo. His book: Young and in Love, challenges the unnecessary delay of getting married.

Open line topic:
Bob took calls from listeners, asking if the government should be able to step in and take obese children away from their parents.

Then, Bob spoke with Worship Artist, Matt Redman. His book: Mirror Ball: living boldly and shining brightly for the glory of God, shows how we as Christians can have a better life.

Open line topic:
Is the debt ceiling debate Biblical, or just political? Bob took listener calls on this topic.

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