Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Show Highlights, Tuesday, Sept.27th, 2011

The Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with William Gheen. He is President of Americans for Legal Immigration. www.alipac.us
They discussed Gov. Rick Perry possibly hurting his campaign because of his support for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants in Texas.

The Bob Dutko Show

Then, Bob spoke with Dr. David Stoop. He is Founder and Director of the Center for Family Therapy. He is author of over 25 books. His latest: People of the Bible Uncensored, examines Bible characters and compares us with them. Showing just how much we really haven’t changes much through history.

Open line topic:
NJ Church gives away 30,000 in “reverse Collection” baskets. Bob took calls asking listeners if they agreed with the church doing this.

Then, Bob spoke with Stephen Shortridge. He is a professional artist. He is an actor and has appeared on Welcome Back Kotter, The Love Boat. He left acting to continue his art.
His book: Deepest Thanks, Deepest Apologies, examines how our doubt sometimes as a Christian can actually deepen our faith.

Open line topic:
The Republican student group at UC Berkeley, CA is holding a Pay-by-Race bake sale today. They are showing through their bake sale what the problems students are having all over with registering for college because of race.
White men pay $2.00 for a cupcake, Asian men, $1.50 Latino men $1:00 and black men .75 cents. Native American men 25cents. Women basically get 25 cents off of those discounted prices. Bob took calls asking what they thought about this bake sale. Is this group getting their point across?

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