Thursday, December 1, 2011

Show Highlights, Thursday, Dec.1st, 2011

The Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Fred Lucas. He is White House Correspondent for
They discussed Obama forcing Catholics to act against their faith concerning birth control in their hospitals, with his new healthcare plan.

Then, Bob spoke with Robert Knight. He is Executive Director of The American Civil Rights Union.
They discussed the latest attacks on Christmas from the left.

The Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Pastor Don Phillips. He has served as pastor in 4 churches. He taught New Testament studies, Hebrew, and Old Testament theology. His book: The World Tilting Gospel, examines why the world is bringing down the church.

Open line topic:
Dr. Richard Land with the Southern Baptist Convention says that over the past 3 years he has conducted more than 200 informal focus groups with Southern Baptist women. He says they are not as forgiving of Newt Gingrich’s past as the men are.. Dr. Land says Newt Gingrich needs to hold a press conference and basically beg forgiveness for his past sins of adultery. We all know the former Speaker has already come out and said he has asked for forgiveness from his ex wives and from God. Bob took calls asking listeners if he needs to have this informal press conference apologizing for his past.

Then, Bob spoke with Neil Mammen. He was born in Ghana and grew up in Sudan and Yeman. He came to the U.S. at 18. He is the Founder of Which is an apologetics and evangelism ministry. His book: Jesus is Involved in Politics: why aren’t you? Shares why he believes Christians need to get more involved in politics.

Open line topic:
Bob receives hundreds of emails each week. He reads ALL of them, but cannot respond to all of them. He asked listeners what a good solution for this issue. Because some listeners get upset cause he cant respond.

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