Monday, October 15, 2012

Show Highlights, Fri. Oct.12th, 2012

The Bob Dutko News Hour

Today, Bob spoke with Dale Buss. He is a local journalist who writes for the Wall Street Journal and Detroit News.
He gave analyses of the debate between Romney and Obama last night.

Then, Bob spoke with Patrick Burke. A Staff Writer for They discussed Dan Savage, a homosexual activist, blogger, criticized Family Research Council and its president, Tony Perkins, “saying every dead gay kid is a victory for the FRC.”

The Bob Dutko Show
Today, Bob spoke with Dr. Monica Miller. She is Asst Professor of Religion Studies at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. They discussed the decline in Americans saying they have any religious affiliation.

Then, Bob spoke with Anthony Holm. He is a frequent commentator on Fox, CNN. His book: 52 Reasons Not to Vote for Obama, examines the promises he made four years ago and didn’t keep.

To read the movie reviews Bob and Rod spoke of, go to

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