Thursday, January 17, 2013

Show Highlights, Wed, January 16th, 2013

The Bob Dutko News Hour

Bob spent much time discussing the “action” Obama will take towards new gun laws.

The Bob Dutko Show

Today, Bob spoke with David Brody. He is Chief Political Correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network. He has appeared on the 700 Club, and hosts a TV show “The Brody File”.
His book: The Teavangelicals: the inside story of how the evangelicals and the tea party are taking back America.

Open line topic: Bob took listener calls, asking if the level of scorn towards Lance Armstrong is warranted.

Then, Bob spoke with Nik Ripkin (pen name for security reasons). He has served over 25 years in missions over in Middle East, Eastern and Southern Africa.
His book: The Insanity of God: a true story of faith resurrected, examines how faith can survive in the darkest areas of the world.

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