Thursday, November 7, 2013

Show Highlights, Wednesday, Nov 6th, 2013

Bob Dutko Show Notes/Links – Wednesday 11 – 06 – 13

Noon-4:00 PM
First Hour – News/Politics
Media’s double standard when reporting New Jersey versus Virginia governors election results.
Virginia governors race: Democratic Robo-calls to Republican homes falsely say Tea Party candidate Cuccinelli “supports Obamacare and abortion”.

Obama and Biden campaign for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia without mentioning Obamacare once.

Mystery. White House website public petition grievance section for Americans shows no petitions to repeal or defund Obamacare.

64% of small businesses report health coverage rate increases.

Obamacare rate hikes highest in Republican Red States.

News Hour Guest Interview: Dan Gainor, of the Media Research Center to discuss how the Employment Non-Discrimination Act will actually discriminate against Christian business owners.

Rest of the Show…..

Guest Interview: Dr. Helen Smith, Ph.D. Psychologist and author of “Men on Strike” to discuss how men in society are being conditioned to be slackers.
Open Line Topic: A discussion on whether it would still be a sin for a Christian to smoke marijuana if it were legalized.
Guest Interview: Leadership expert Haydn Shaw, author of “Sticking Points” to discuss how the different generations can work better together in the workplace.
An examination of America’s true Christian heritage in light of yet another lawsuit by the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” against a California city for having a Chaplain pray before city meetings.

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