Thursday, March 20, 2014

Show Highlights, Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Bob Dutko Show Notes/Links – Thursday 03 – 20 – 14

Noon-4:00 PM

First Hour – News/Politics

New Report: Obamacare premiums set to skyrocket in 2014.
Study: 38% of private companies will cut workforce if minimum wage is raised.
Ukraine backs down, allowing Putin to essentially “steal” Crimea for Russia.
Texas Principal who told kids to speak English to lose job.
Joe Biden gaffes again, in Poland.
Partial list of Joe Biden gaffes.

News Hour Guest Interview: Eric Scheidler, Executive Director: Pro Life Action League to discuss their prayer campaign for abortion advocates.

Rest of the Bob Dutko Show…..

Guest Interview: Ralph Reed, Founder and Chairman of Faith and Freedom Coalition and author of “Awakening: How America can Turn from Economic and Moral Destruction Back to Greatness”.

Other Issues Discussed…..

An examination of the Magic Arts and how Christians need to view what is harmless fun versus spiritually dangerous.

Guest Interview: Mark Lamphier of Main Street Realty to discuss the current housing market.

Guest Interview: David Harsanyi, author of “The People Have Spoken (and they were wrong): The Case Against Democracy”.

Open Line Topic: A discussion on how different people came to accept Jesus as Lord and what you were thinking right before you made that decision.

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