Thursday, April 16, 2015

Show Highlights, Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 04 – 16 – 15

Noon-4:00 PM
First Hour – News/Politics
Congress asked Hillary about private e-mails in 2012…..before she deleted her personal e-mails.
Just last summer, Hillary was for gay marriage just being “left up to the states”.
Wisconsin High School gives 10th Graders “Pretend You’re a Muslim” assignment.
News Hour Guest Interview: Editor Craig Bannister to discuss the Obama Administration granting Social Security numbers and benefits to 541,000 illegal immigrants.
Rest of the Bob Dutko Show…..
Guest Interview: Ancient Church Historian Dr. Bryan Liftin, author of “After Acts” to discuss what we know about what happened to the Apostles.
Additional Issues Discussed…..
I gave several documented examples of growing hostility to Christianity during the Obama Administration.
Guest Interview: Radio host Brant Hansen, author of “Un-offendable” to discuss whether Christians are ever Biblically justified to have “Righteous Anger”.
Open Line Topic: We discussed whether there really is any such thing as “Righteous Anger”.

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