Thursday, April 14, 2016

Show Highlights. Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Bob Dutko Show Summary – Thursday 04 – 14 – 16

Noon-4:00 PM
First Hour – News/Politics
Anti-Trump Republican Party Delegate says she’s vote Hillary if Trump gets nomination.
Report: Trump campaign manager will not be prosecuted for Battery.
Poll: Nearly half of Democrats say Constitution needs to be “updated”.
ABC News reports North Carolina Christians “cheer” law that “keeps transgenders from using the bathrooms they need”.
Twitter says rapper’s tweet calling for a gang rape of Sarah Palin does not violate their “hateful conduct” or “promoting violence” rules.
News Hour Guest interview: Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor to discuss the media’s refusal to report a new research study that debunks Global Warming predictions.
Rest of the Bob Dutko Show…..
Guest Interview: Dr. Tim Rowe, author of “The Heart” to discuss what it truly means to have the heart of Christ in today’s world.
Other Issues Discussed…..
Fact versus fiction regarding demands to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
California Supreme Court rules businesses don’t have right to require employees to stand rather than sit.
Guest Interview: Hospice volunteer Jean C. West to discuss her book “Saying Goodbye: My Spiritual Journey Through Death and Dying”.
Other Issues Discussed……
Robert Deniro actually says he thinks people should see the anti-vaccine film.
I gave some more documented scientific (and censored) evidence that proves Evolution is false, Biblical Creation is true and the Earth really is only about 6000 years old.

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