Friday, June 17, 2011

Show Highlights, Thursday, June 16th, 2011

The Bob Dutko News Hour
Today, Bob spoke with Mat Cover. He is a Staff Writer for
They discussed how President Obama is saying the high unemployment rate is because of ATM”S and airport ticket kiosks. If Sarah Palin would have said that, the media would have had a time making her look stupid. Where are they now?? LOL!!!

Then, Bob spoke with attorney Norman Yatooma. He is Founder of Yatooma’s Foundation for the Kids.
They discussed the amazing work his foundation does for families that have lost a parent and the surviving parent has small children to raise. This foundation offers so much, such as grief counseling and some financial help and much more. If you or a family you knows needs help. Call #888-987-kids

The Bob Dutko Show

Today, Bob began the afternoon debating Donna Stern. She is the National Coordinator for BAMN. Which says they are for defending the freedom of all religions. But they are going to protest Pastor Terry Jones from Florida. He is coming to the Dearborn Arab Festival to share the gospel with the Muslims.

Then, Bob spoke with Josh McDowell. He is a former Agnostic and now an Apologist. Author of “More Than a Carpenter”. His ministry will also be at the Dearborn Arab Festival this weekend. They have a booth and many Arabs come by he said each year. They are very interested in what he has to say about Christ.

Then, Bob spoke with June Hunt. She is CEO of Hope for The Heart. Her latest book: How to Rise Above Abuse, gives many tools to overcome all types of abuse from a Christian perspective.

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